Whenever the best rap brand drops a song, I get interested. As a rap enthusiast, I know exactly what to expect. So when I got the link to listen to the PreSeason Freestyle you can imagine my excitement!

By definition, a pre-season is the period immediately before the official season for a sport. Could this be a hint? A new Chef 187 album on the way? After a couple of plays, this freestyle feels like a statement song. I feel like this is the kind of song you put out when you’re trying to get people to pay attention to you or remind them why they did in the first place. The song is served excellently with an overconfident bravado that was only reinforced by immaculate delivery and the expected creative flexing Chef 187 is known for.

The best part of this song is obviously Chef. He has a way of making the listener feel like they are just as big a deal. This is that gym song that gives you five more reps. Clever lines like, “Say life’s a gamble, mulekefye mbeche,” remind me why I love this act. One rather interesting line is, “KB nga alinsaina. I was right there!” Am I the only one who didn’t know that KB overlooked the talent that is Chef 187? I wonder how he feels about that now.

The only off thing about this song is how hard it hits the ears. The instrumental has the right emotion for the song but Chef’s vocals have definitely sounded better. Maybe the distortion was a deliberate creative move?

Out of 5, this should have easily gotten 5. Clever wordplay, immaculate delivery and an exciting beat to keep it flowing. However, the mixing makes it hard to play this loud (as it is supposed to be played) without cringing a little, so I’m going to have to settle with a 4 for a pretty solid body of work.


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