Xplode+ now has a record label division and they just signed their first artist! 

After concluding their management contract with former signee Keisha Chilufya in August, it seems X+ is ready to take on another artist. It was announced ealier today that the new artist is non-other than Legend’Son.

Legend’Son who has been behind the scenes for most of his career has featured on projects like Tight Rope by KSlayer, Lose My Mind by JT5, godsDieLikeMen by TCM Green and Be Remembered II by MessenJah.

“I’m a bit scared… But… I have good expectations,” Legend’Son said when asked about the signing. “Through this, I’ll get to grow and expand my brand and reach more people. It’ll help me influence more listeners through music,” 

Legend’Son’s official debut EP, “24” is currently in production and due for release on the 1st of November 2019.


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