If you have any interest in Zambian Hip-Hop then you must know Slap Dee’s “Foshizy”. It emerged as a powerful street anthem that, in my opinion, cemented Slap’s name in Zambian Hip-Hop once and for all. But what if that crucial song was actually stolen?

Here’s an interesting fact, the beat for Foshizy was actually produced by Mag44 for a song belonging to MT God Bless, which featured Livin2Die, Tio and Mag44 himself. At the time Foshizy was released the aforementioned song was already recorded, mixed and ready for release. Unfortunately, (or not) Slap Dee was able to move quicker and release his version first.

After Mag44 heard about Slap’s release he called Slap who went on to explain that the beat was among others on Taz’s (Owner and Producer for Goemi Records) computer. Slap was able to record a few verses on it while Taz was away. And because Taz and Mag worked on a lot of beats together, when Taz found the Foshizy project, he assumed it was “just another beat,” and didn’t stop Slap from putting the song out.

At the end of it, all parties involved got to sit down and speak and I would like to assume that an understanding was reached. In any case, it’s pretty interesting that one of the bigger songs of Slap Dee’s career happened because somebody didn’t ask for permission! That’s crazy. Maybe crime does pay if it gives you a hit song. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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