If you are all about good music then you are definitely in for a treat. It’s no secret that making it in the music industry is one heck of a rollercoaster, and most artists quit before they even hit the airwaves. But the few that don’t, usually end up being big stars and celebrated within and outside the borders of Zambia.

UNLOCK is simply the voice of the unheard, talented and passionate upcoming artists in Zambia. We’ll be shining a spotlight on some of the worthy and exceptional upcoming acts around. In this UNLOCK article, we’ll be shining a spotlight on P Stereo.

P Stereo is a rapper/songwriter originally from Western Province. Whose stage name represents what his music is about;

P- Phoenix

S- Song

T- That

E- Educate

R- Recreate

E- Entertain

O- Original/Oasis

Fascinating right? Well, wait until you hear his recent hit. P Stereo whose full names are Patrick Kachele Samuyachi developed an interest in music at an early age of only 8.

“I used to dance and sing along to people’s songs,” he narrates. 

That eventually grew and gave him the interest of writing his own songs.

During his secondary school, P Stereo and his friends formed a crew called “Young Kwacha.” A music group of young talented artists. It was during this time that P Stereo wrote most of his songs, but he never recorded any of them until recently. 

“I started doing music seriously last year in 2018. That’s when I did my first recording, but I’ve been in the background for some time making beats and perfecting my skill.”

With now 5 official singles to his name, P Stereo has built an audience for his music in a short space of time. He currently has songs “Oxygen”, “Showelela”, “Lifasi”, “Kanameke” and his latest “Naluboyoyo”. His songs are mainly in Lozi with the occasional fusing of English, Nyanja and Tswana.

Inspired by real-life situations, P Stereo’s music stands out in how authenticity it is. 

“I look at society and do something artistic.”

You can check out his most recent singles >>> “Kanameke” and >>> “Naluboyoyo” which features another amazing artist “Elma” which are must-listen-to jams if you’re about good music. It goes without saying that “GOOD MUSIC SURELY DOES SELL ITSELF” and P Stereo’s music career looks like it’s set for success.

Thank you for reading!!!

If you know any artist who’s Talented, Passionate and Unheard that you want us to shine a spotlight on, simply send me a DM on any of my social media below.


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