Before we start with Step 2, you can read Step 1 – HERE

So you have the song written, right? Soulful verses, crazy wordplay and a hidden joke in there, showing off how much you know about the second world war. Great! Now what you need to understand is that music has more to do with the sound (thus the feeling) than your words. It’s not that your words aren’t an important piece of this puzzle, but there are possibly hundreds of music genres that have been carried forward for years that have little to no words in them.

What you need now is either a band that’ll create that sound or the more modern approach, a decent Digital Audio Workstation (DAW for short). I recommend finding somebody who’s mastered their way around a DAW to explain your hot track to. This chap (most likely living like a hermit, talking about snare 9 and something called Nexus??) is basically an Audio Wizard. He/She has the ability to take your ideas, and in some cases, your lyrics and create the right sound to match. You need this guy! The Producer.

Working with producers is like working with tailors. There are a number of them out there looking for paid work but only a select few will know exactly what will fit. Now, granted the line between Beatmaker and Record Producer has been blurred a bit (let me know, on the Facebook page in the comments, if I need to explain this) for the rest of this series we will call this fellow your Producer. Take your time and look out for who creates what’s best. This will help you decide who to work with on what type of song and help you take your creative ideas to the next level. 

So after a few ‘type beats’ you decide you want to work with Random-Jedi-Master22 (or something of the sort) so you call him and arrange studio time.

See you in the next article…