Colour Culture has had an amazing 2019, a year that saw founder & CEO, Musenga Katongo, launch the Colour Culture poetry and arts brand in June after signing a partnership with the entertainment brand, Retunes. The partnership saw Mr Katongo take a bold move of integrating poetry, storytelling and art in a way that it has never been done before. He blends poetry with astonishing visual art through the CC Art Exhibitions to retell and reshape the Zambian story.

Founder of Retunes, Steven Mwale, weighed in on Colour Culture and had this to say:

“The creativity, authenticity, patriotism and passion behind Musenga and his team is amazing. Colour Culture is truly on to something great and Retunes just had to jump on the opportunity of partnering with them! We know that what they are up to will definitely impact lives and change the narrative that lies behind the custodians of our nation’s history and culture. Colour Culture does make me a prouder Zambian.”

Colour Culture has had two events since its launch in June and has had the opportunity to work with over 30 poets, visual artists and writers in a space of 6 months, and now Colour Culture signs 4 spoken word poets as part of its first artist roster.

“We have a team of young and amazing talent that I believe will definitely take our organization to the next level. The mission of Colour Culture is really simple: we want to tell our own stories. The stories we tell are meant to impact an everyday person’s life so that they have a sense of their own identity and how they can be the best version of themselves for the benefit of others in our local communities. And the team we’ve assembled will do exactly that, I am excited about 2020 because in 6 months we turn a year old and the plans we have for the year are revolutionary,” Mr Katongo shared.

Colour Culture ends the year by signing;

Mwelwa On Cos, the 2019 Wordsmash Poetry Slam Champion who has made strides internationally by being an Intwasa poetry slam finalist.

Francis Blaze, the 2019 Bittersweet Poetry Slam runner-up who has lived up to his name by lighting up stages across 2019.

Realtok, a dynamic storyteller who is no stranger to the mic stand or to the Lusaka poetry scene. Realtok is a force to be reckoned with is solidly under the Colour Culture brand; and lastly,

Mercury, a poet from another dimension often referred to as the ‘Masked Maniac’. He has also penned down his affiliation to the Colour Culture brand. One can only wonder how this artist seeks to change the landscape of the spoken word poetry scene.

You can follow Colour Culture on Social Media via the following:
Facebook: Colour Culture (@colourculture)
Instagram: @colourculture


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