I understand this song hasn’t been released yet. This is an early review of Ziyase’s “Shalapo” which I got to listen to earlier than you mortals.

Ziyase is a very vocally consistent artist with a very interesting vocal range. I’ve heard all her songs and I’ve never had anything I could fault her on when it comes to vocal delivery. She really can sing! Like really. Almost effortlessly. 

But unfortunately, with me, when I get to a point where I accept that an artist can sing I tend to take it for granted and look forward to them showing me a side of them that I haven’t yet seen. So as it were, with this particular song, I was hoping to experience something new… I kind of did. She sang in Bemba. 

My first experience of Ziyase’s singing was with “Chikondano” which happens to be one of my favourite songs not just by her but by an African female artist in general. She sang in Nyanja. You should check it out.

On her last release “Fed Up,” Ziyase did a majority of the song in English and it was more R&B/Pop than the previous.

So on this song, I got to see that language really offers no barrier to Ziyase. She flexed her vocals and seemed as comfortable as ever! And not to be sadistic, 😂 , but I now think we need to hear her on a Tonga song next because it’s like she’s not being challenged enough by these other languages.

“Shalapo” is a beautiful and sweet Christian song. Its only limitation is that it’s a “Situation Song” and applies to a very specific situation. As in, “You just got saved. Just gave your life to Christ… What next?” Well, what you do is you play “Shalapo” by Ziyase. It’s a joyful song meant to be sung by someone who just experienced liberation.

What could have been better?

Well, it will depend on what artwork they use and how it’s distributed and marketed but from the audio side, this is flawless.

Overall, I give it a 9.9 out of 10. 


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